Modules we offer

It's all about translating technology into real benefits. We provide Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions to manage your entire organisation, right from Sampling, Production to Accounts and Payroll.


TexSamm is the perfect package to handle sampling database, sample costing, buyer inquiries monitoring, sample development monitoring, sample dispatches to the buyer.


TexPro is the complete package to optimize all operations from confirmed order booking stage to dispatch including bill passing and and debit notes monitoring.


TexFin is a vital accounting tool which provides balance sheet (complete with annexure and various MIS reports) and integration with TEX PRO to ensure correct bill passing.


TexDoc is a central repository to help you create error free export documentation and smoothen the process of documentation using user defined templates for documents and more.


TexPay is a module commited to increasing employee satisfaction and provides transparent and integrated payroll. Having HR Affairs online results in a motivated workforce.


TexWeb is a web based tool which enables online viewing of key reports, online authorization of orders, TNA monitoring and production monitoring of remote units.


It has been our endeavor to meet different requirements of each user and develop user-friendly software covering the entire operations of a company.

Our Acheivements

We at Texma are dedicated to providing our customers our full commitment and the best possible experience. We are proud of what we have achieved and look forward to many more years of success.